Ibiza Slots

Arrow’s Edge has released a stunning new game called Ibiza Slots. The game is an engaging and exciting journey to behold the sun-drenched island of Ibiza, where full 3D quality awaits. The game is a super-smooth and visually stunning game with a beautiful theme just right for the summer season. Players have multiple opportunities to win a decent payout, and the wagering is effected upon the pay lines and reels which switch from a 3-reel layout with three pay lines, to a 5-reel design with 12 pay lines! It is an innovative premise and creates excellent variety within the same game. The background and theme of the game is based upon rich imagery presenting a beautifully picturesque landscape involving a gorgeous, clean, sandy beach, a hotel overlooking the beach, and breathtaking vistas of the open sea right into the horizon. There are light decorations all over the place, which illuminate the sky like bright-shining stars.

Wagering & Controls of Ibiza

Since Ibiza slots has two formats, the wagering options are significantly improved and expanded. Before starting the game, players will be asked to choose the set-up for standard play, and the free spins games. The choice is between the 3-reel and 5-reel layouts. The 3-reel version with its three pay lines can accommodate the coins on the pay lines for betting purposes. Coin sizes start out from just $0.01, rising to a high of $0.50 per coin. The 5-reel version has a few more pay lines which increase the options even more. Controlling the wagering is a straightforward and intuitive process. The game control buttons are located at the bottom of the game, below the centrally located reels. Players can set the wagers using the Bet button, then start the game with the Spin button. The AutoPlay function allows the setting of multiple automatic spins. They will, of course, stop as soon as a winning payout is registered.

Multiple Bonuses & Free Spins Rounds

Ibiza slots is gifted with several bonus rounds with free spins right in the mix. They provide the best chance to win a lucrative and hefty winning payout. As if that weren’t enough, Ibiza slots has a high paying progressive jackpot. Every time you switch from one game mode to the other during the course of the game, three free spins are awarded every time. There are massively generous Wild payout prizes that can be win during the 5-reel, 12 pay lines version. On the other hand, playing in the standard mode of the game, two Wilds can appear randomly to boost the payouts immensely.

Party Man, Party Girl Wilds

These two Wilds are represented by the Party Man and Party Girl game symbols. When the former turns up on reel three, it will expand to encompass all the reels, thereby increasing the chances considerably. Furthermore, the wild symbols on all the reels remain locked there, stuck in their initial position. Players have subsequently gifted six free spins. When the Party Girl unique symbol shows up on the second or the fourth reel, the icon will expand to cover the reel entirely. If the Wild pops up during the free spins round, players are rewarded with an additional six respins. The Wild can also expand once again. There are big chances of winning a great payout with big prizes playing both modes of the game.

Classic Slot Mode Free Spins

During this mode, two Party Girl Wild symbols can active the free spins. To compact discs suddenly appear on the screen. Players will need to select one of them. Both discs are divided into coloured ringlets, and each of these rings will award a prize. Once the Collect ring is selected, the prizes players had won previously are paid out immediately. Landing three DJ game icons will also activate the free spins rounds. On this event, players automatically receive ten free spins. Each additional DJ symbol that reappears during the free spins round gifts the later another free spin. Once the free spins are exhausted, the game changes mode.

Cash Grab & Super Slots Jackpots

Ibiza slots serves up two exceptional jackpots. The Cash Grab jackpot can be won when the pot is between $2,000 and $5,000. The Super Slots jackpot payout when it reaches between $40,000 and $45,000. Both these jackpots serve up tremendous excitement and anticipation. Betting the maximum coin limits on all the pay lines improves the probabilities of claiming a big winning payout.

Ibiza on Mobile

Ibiza slots can be enjoyed on all modern day smartphones and tablets. The game is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems and the game has been modified and optimised especially for mobile gaming. The graphics and crisp, bright and vibrant, and the game loads up pretty quickly. Players can download Ibiza slots to their mobile devices and desktop PC. Furthermore, they can access the game using Flash-based Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading necessary.


Ibiza Slots is an unmissable game. It provides superlative gaming and an immersive atmosphere which is a pleasure to behold while wagering. The betting options are surprisingly broad considering the limited number of pay lines. The switching from one mode to another is a real masterstroke, as it adds variety and another dimension to the gameplay. The mobile version delivers an exceptional experience with all the features of its PC brother. Players can sit back and enjoy stunning animation, gorgeous and stylish looks, and a trip to a real location; the famous party island of Ibiza. Welcome to Ibiza slots and your holiday in the sun.