Gossip Slots Tournaments

Out of all the many fun and wonderful things about online casino gaming, tournament play may very well be the best. Playing against a nameless, faceless computer never wears thin; but there’s just this added bonus to knowing you’re butting heads with a real person behind the screen. Gossips Slots is well aware of casino gamers’ preference for this, which is why the tournament play runs throughout the week.

All Week Long

Tournament Play begins bright and early with the Daily Free Rolls options, where the prize is a cool $100 for each one. The eligible slots are Pinocchio, Lucky 7, Sumo, Game of Kings, Good Girl Bad Girl, Greedy Goblins, Blue Beard’s Gold and Under the Sea. Although these games change from month-to-month, you can be sure one of your favorites is probably on tap – it’s definitely a popularity contest and Gossip Slots picks the ones that have the most staying power.

The Weekly Slots have more at stake, with a nifty $1,000 prize. Some of the crowd favorites Slots that have made it into the exclusive tournament play weekly prize list are Chef Wars and the Winning Duel. If you’re ready to up the ante, the jaw-dropping Love Is Ii the Air Tournament yields $19,900 for just a $5 entry to play. See a new car you like? Well then win this game and it could be yours in a single payment with this wad of cash.

This all leads to the biggest game of them all – Gladiator. This March Madness Slot game offering has $50,000 for a lucky winner. Breathe easy; it’s just the usual 5 reel, 25 payline video slot – there are no tricks or new contraptions here. Play it as you’ve always played it – use the Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers and Free Spins to your advantage – and you could find yourself the King of the Gossip Slots Tournament for a day.