Jane's Farm Slots

Playing Jane's Farm Slots will make you feel good. There are many aspects of this slot that will trigger feelings of joy and happiness, and that is not because of the lucrative cash rewards that are on the paytable. Just as with other farm themed games, this slot title shows you a pleasant looking and colorful screen that contains many elements of the healthy countryside life.

On the sharply designed screen, there are threes, hills and flowers, a bunch of chickens are running around, the farmer is driving on the field with its tractor, and the farm animal sounds will reach you via the speakers of your device. Life is good at Jane's farm, and it might become even better when you start to benefit from lucrative non-feature symbol rewards, big jackpot prizes and special features.

Farm Non-Feature Symbol Rewards and Wilds

You can farm various non-feature symbol rewards when you put the five available reels of this game in motion. The available non-feature symbols are the farm dog, the pig, the tractor, the corn crops, the weathercock, the apples and the card game icons A, K, Q and J. Additionally, you can also hit Jane the farmer herself on the reels. She is the wild of the game and is able to act as a replacement icon for all the reel attribute that are not a milk bottle, a free spins symbol or a bonus logo. The wild is also responsible for handing out the highest symbol payout. A combination of 5 wilds will grants you no less than 5000 credits to play with.

Go on a Spinning Streak in the Extra Games Round

This game has a free spins bonus feature and there are two ways in which it can be triggered. Firstly, it can be launched via the main slot game when three free spins cow icons appear on the reels. A selector will appear after the winlines show up. The second opportunity you have to trigger extra spins is via the game's bonus round. The free spins trigger icon is a green square, which needs to be hit with an egg in order for it to give you complimentary spins reward. A selector is displayed at the end of the bonus feature.

As soon as the free spins round is launched, you have to make a choice between three available options that will reveal the extra spins mode. These three options are as followed:

  1. Receive 10 free spins in combination with a triple multiplier reward
  2. Receive 15 free spins in combination with a double multiplier reward
  3. Receive 30 free spins in combination with a single multiplier reward

Get More Spinning Juice with the Free Spins Milk Bottle Feature

Free spins come with an extra opportunity to win even more free of charge spins and multiplier rewards. What you need to do is collect milk bottles when the free spins mode is active. You will receive three extra spins when you're able to collect three milk bottles. Collect six bottles instead, and you will receive three extra spins plus a triple multiplier reward that lasts as long as your free spins round is active. All the bottles need to be collected during the same free spins round. You cannot take them with you to another one.

Create Gold with Eggs from the Chicken Coop Bonus Round

The chicken bonus icon, displayed in a multitude of three on the reels, will lead you to the chicken coup bonus feature. In that feature, you have three credits in the form of eggs, so you can play the bonus game three times. Click on one of the three eggs to start a game. Once it starts, the chickens on top of the coop will begin to lay their eggs. These eggs will then tumble down and bounce to the left and to the right side of the screen, and they will fall into holes when they reach the bottom of the coop. There are five holes in total, and each of them provide a prize when an egg falls into them. On their descent to the bottom of the chicken coop, the eggs will be able to hit the power ups +1 and +2. +1 grants an extra egg drop and +2 grants two extra egg drops.

Additionally, there is also a power up that grants a ticket to spins mode one, two or three when an egg hits it on the way down. Take note that you need to finish the bonus round first before the free spins mode becomes active. Also, you cannot hit another free spins power up once it is already touched by an egg during the same bonus round game. When an egg hits any of the bonus game power ups, then it will also provide a reward when it disappears into one of the holes at the bottom of the coop.

Give Your Bankroll an Overdose with the Two Available Jackpots

If you love jackpot rewards, and who doesn’t, then this is a game you want to play. Not only does this slot give you the chance to win a life changing jackpot prize, but it also gives you the opportunity to win a second one. The two available top rewards are called the mystery jackpot and the super slots jackpot. There are huge rewards attached to them so make sure that you play this game often as there is always the possibility that your life changes in an instance.

Bankrolls Will Grow with Jane's Farm Slots

Jane's Farm Slots is the perfect fertilizer for your bankroll. Play this game and enjoy the pleasant feeling that the game evokes thanks to its friendly, and joyful outdoor design and its notable rewards that can potentially grand you thousands of dollars, especially if you manage to get your hands on the jackpots. Jane's Farm Slots is available at casinos that operate on the internet.