License to Spin Slots

Do you want to have a license to spin? Well, it’s not the same as a license to kill, as preferred by one secret agent, but it’s what you are offered from Arrows Edge. Their slot game, called License to Spin and featuring its own secret agent to watch over the gameplay, is well worth a proper look.

Reels and paylines?

This looks like it should have five reels but it only has three – albeit large ones! There are three lines in play here too, so everything is nice and simple.

What could you wager on this game?

You must bet on all three lines in this game, and that means the minimum bet to play with is 30 cents, i.e. 10 cents per line. You can go a lot higher too – as high as $240 all told.

Does License to Spin have any special symbols?

Our secret agent guy is the wild for the game, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. This has another feature too, in that it can trigger a respin. More about this feature is revealed below.

Can you play a bonus feature if you trigger it?

For the respin feature to happen, the wild must land on the third reel to start with. It then respins the reels and the wild moves onto the second reel. Another respin then happens where the wild moves onto the first reel.

Once it finishes, our secret agent shoots at the screen. If he misses, you will trigger the Shaken Not Stirred bonus feature. If he hits the screen, another set of respins will be triggered. This time, the wild will move in a different way. The paytable reveals how this works.

The Shaken Not Stirred bonus feature enables you to select one of two glasses. You must pick the perfect martini to see which prize you won. You can decide to try again and pick the other glass, but if that amount is less, you must keep it and forego the first amount you chose.

Download and enjoy playing License to Spin slots today!

This is a good game and one that is worth playing when you have a moment. Arrows Edge is a great slot provider and we think they have come up with another winner here too. Give it a shot and shoot for a martini today!