Will You Find Out Who Whospunit?

This slot game title does give away a certain amount of what to expect from this Betsoft game. But it doesn’t reveal just how impressive the 3D graphics are, or how in-depth the game is, or the fact that the interactive nature of the game makes it one of their best.

So with all those things in mind, let’s see if we can solve the case we’re presented with here.

Reels and paylines

This is a five-reel game, as you might correctly assume, and you also have 30-paylines.

Betting options

This part of the game is formulaic in terms of it being a Betsoft slot. It has a two-cent line minimum, a 50-cent line maximum, and five coins per line at most.

Special symbols in play in Whospunit

Firstly, the game occurs in timed segments that occasionally take you into detective mode. You have to collect golden clue coins during one mode to get that number of spins in detective mode later on.

There are three modes in the regular game too, which are the Murder Weapon, Murder Location and Culprit Clue modes. There are clue points to be had as well, so check out the paytable to read more about this. The symbols change in detective mode, and also in each of the levels in the main game.

Oh, and yes, there is a golden wild in the game too!

Bonus features to explore

Evidence symbols can trigger a scatter payout when you have two or more of them. Additionally, there is a second screen bonus that can be accessed once you’ve solved all three levels of the main game. you have to find the evidence folder in the center position on the center reel for this to occur.

You can also win 10 free spins if you get one of each of the characters on each of the five reels. Furthermore, each offers a particular perk in the free spins round, and you can choose one to see which kind of free spins round you would like to play.

Download and play Whospunit slots today!

Wow, this game packs in so much, you should play it in freeplay mode to begin with. It is the best way to figure out all the features and how they will work for you. But it does provide an entertaining game you will love, even when you get a few spins in a row that don’t pay out.