World Leaders Slots

And all the men and women are merely players". This quote from “As You Like It” seems appropriate to introduce World Leaders Slots. This is a politically theme-based slot that has an interesting opening. On the reels, there is a blue spinning circle that represents the world globe. You are required to click on to make it stop spinning. When it does, a wild symbol will appear. You will then see the wild as one of the world leaders.

About the Game

There are four special symbols in this game, and three of them are wild. The Red Bonus Telephone is the Scatter Symbol, the Wild Crown, the Wild Bear, and the Wild Gold Eagle. All wilds will substitute for all symbols except the scatter. There are a myriad of special features in this game. The first one is the Wild Leaders Feature. The game is played as follows: after you have spun the reels 25 times, the wild feature will appear randomly. After the 25th spin, the spinning wheel will again appear in the middle of the screen. Once you stop the wheel from spinning, you will receive a new wild symbol. The wheel will stop on any of the following countries: UK, Russia, or US. Each Wild is numbered from 1 to 3, respectively. Please read more about the special features in the pay table, as it will explain the spinning globe, show you the symbols and payouts, special features, and general rules of the game. There is a fabulous Bonus Round in this game using the Red Telephone.