Blood Eternal Slots

Blood Eternal Slots is a vampire theme-based slot game. Set in a chamber, the graphics are so visually stunning that you don’t even mind the card symbols as they seem to be overrun with the special symbols in this game. No doubt, Buffy would really enjoy this game. With vampire movies and TV shows becoming quite the hit with fans, Blood Eternal Slots fits right in, as the passion and between humans and vampires continue.

About the Game

The introduction to this game says you can win over 900,000 coins. This is quite believable when you begin to play this game. It is so lucrative and has so many special features, that high payouts will definitely be on tap for slot players. We do recommend you read the pay table as it does contain several pages of symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game.

Playing Blood Eternal Slots

Upon first view, you will undoubtedly be captivated by the symbols, as they are brilliantly designed and quite realistic. There are three special symbols in this game. First, there are the two Vampire symbols (a man and a woman). These two symbols will appear on reels 2 and 5, and when they appear together you will win 8 free spins. The second special symbol is that of a Vampire and a Human. If they land next to each other you will win 8 free spins. Finally, there are two human symbols who will appear on reels 3 and 4. Once again, we suggest you read the first page of the pay table as it will explain these symbols entirely. The Vampire and the Humans act as the Free Spin Symbols. The Wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the Free Spins symbols. However, when it does substitute for the Bats, it will only do so for the single bat.

Double Bats

Of course, there are bats in this game. One is a Bat symbol and the other is an X2 Bat symbol. Again, please read page two of the pay table as it will give you the payouts for these two bats. Needless to say, if you get X12 bats you will win 10,000 coins, and if you get X11 Bats, you will win 5000 coins.

The Double Up Game

This is your typical heads or tails game in which you can bet all or 50% of your winnings. You can keep playing, or collect your reward.

Play Blood Eternal Slots

On my first spin with a 1 cent bet on all lines for a total of $30, the Human and the Vampire symbols appeared next to each other on reels 2 and 3. I won 8 free spins, and with each spin one or more wilds were added to replace other symbols. Thus, I won a total of $964. Yes, this game is lucrative and incredibly wonderful. Join me and play Blood Eternal Slots at Gossip Slots Flash Casino.