Double Sixteen Slots

Double Sixteen Slots is a classic slot game that, admittedly, I don’t understand the concept. According to one source (I need many sources to figure this game out), “Double Sixteen lets you customize your game play by offering the chance to bet on your choice of pay lines. If you bet 5 coins you play 4 pay lines, while betting 10 coins plays 8 pay lines, betting 20 coins pays 16 pay lines and betting the maximum 40 coins plays all 32 pay lines. This 32 pay lines max bet is reflected in the game title with double sixteen making a total of 32.”

What’s it all About, Alfie?

At the top of the machine there is a slot that has the traditional symbols except for the treasure chest symbols. At the bottom of the machine is another slot that contains all fruits and the treasure chest. At the top right of the slot is a Meter with 10 windows. At the bottom right is the Double Sixteen window showing all the symbols and their payouts. Also at the bottom of the slot you will find these buttons: Collect, Select Meter, Start Bets from 5 through 40, and an Auto Play button.

Playing the Game

In order to begin playing the game, you have to select one of the Bet buttons at the bottom. When you win, the win and total amount are shown in the respective windows, and the numbers will also appear in the meters. When I played this game, I bet 40 and won 40. I had the option of clicking on the Collect button. I did. However, I only received 4 coins and as I looked at the Meter, the number shown on each window was 4. So what happened to the other 36 coins? This is still a big mystery to me.

Play Double Sixteen Slots

Once again, you can play this game for fun or for real money in the Flash mode at Gossip Slots Flash Casino. Good luck!