Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Joker is a classic slot; however, it has two slot machines one on top of the other. Surrounding these two machines are four pay tables. At the top of the slot is the Jumbo Joker Meter. Upon first view, you might be saying what the…..But once you begin to play, you will fully understand the concept of this game. This game is ideal for those who are just starting out playing online slots as well as for those on a budget.

Playing the Game

The idea of this game is as follows: First place your bet, and number of lines. Click on the spin button and the lower slot machine’s reels will spin. If you win, the winning symbol will be highlighted on one of the pay tables. The amount won will then show up on the Jumbo Meter. Now the next spin will be at the top slot machine. Once again, if you win, the winning symbol will be displayed on one of the four pay tables and added to the Jumbo Meter. However, if you do not win, you will be taken down to the lower slot machine where you will spin to win. Any win of 20 or more will activate the Jumbo Meter. Here you will receive up to 15 free spins.

The Pay Tables

Each pay table has a number above it. This number reflects your total win. For example, if you win 20 coins, the symbol will be highlighted on the top left corner pay table. If you win 1, 10 or 40 coins, the same process is in place. However, if you win 100 coins, the symbol will be highlighted in the top left hand corner of the slot; and if you win 200 coins, the symbol will be highlighted in the top right hand corner of the slot.

Play Jumbo Joker Slots

Although this is a very different kind of classic slot, we advise you to play for fun and then go on to play for real money. The idea is getting used to the pay tables and how they operate. Play Jumbo Joker Slots for fun/real at Gossip Slots Flash Casino.