Time Bender Slots

Time Bender Slots is a brand new online game that has adopted a science-fiction, beautifully looking space theme, that involves dark but undeniably pleasurable to behold violet and blue colours. The game features 5 reels with 4 rows and 40 paylines. Players will get to experience the advantages of numerous profitable symbols, two exceptional bonus games and two progressive jackpots. The background of the reels represents a vast canvas of stars and celestial events that are as beautiful as anything that has ever been captured through deep space photography. In this case, however you are not exploring the secrets of the universe or extra-terrestrial life, you are simply on the hunt for quite a lot of money. The game can be played on all mobile devices without any problems. The biggest payout that the symbols and the features of this game can offer is 800 times the bet.

The Colossal Feature

The crown jewel of this profitable space adventure is definitely the so-called colossal re-spin. Players can notice that during every spin some of the positions on the second, the third and the fourth reel will get highlighted without any particular order. The interesting part begins when these three reels get highlighted in full. That is the moment when the colossal re-spins start. All these three reels will then be covered with one of the available symbols in the game, which will lead to tremendous earnings considering there are three whole reels of the same symbol. Then the process will repeat itself provided that same symbol is again highlighted as the game progresses. This sequence of gigantic earnings won’t end until the symbol is no longer highlighted on the reels. The wild symbol of the game also contributes to the colossal bonus. It has the stacked effect, which means that it will cover the entire reel on which it lands and in the colossal spins, it will cover all the three reels, especially if it gets highlighted. Players can be certain that if they get three reels full of wild symbols, the rewards will be mind-blowing.

Time Bender Bonuses

There is also the Rings of Time bonus game that gets activated through the arrival of the whirling bonus symbol on the reels. The magical rings of time will appear on a new screen and the player will need to pass through every level in order to finally reach the center. Every entered level will award a prize but the moment when the ring becomes red, the bonus game will end. There are two progressive jackpots in the game and they can be acquired randomly. One of them is the Super Slots Jackpot (the bigger one) and it can be acquired when it amounts to more than 40, 000 dollars and below 45, 000 dollars. The Cash Grab Jackpot is the smaller one and it can be acquired when its value is between 2000 dollars and 5000 dollars.

Ultimately, Time Bender Slots promises to be a new fan-favourite with its exceptional visual delights, its tremendous colossal feature that is capable of using every symbol of the game, not to mention the two possible jackpots, all of which results in a game that is a complete triumph.