Pixiu Slots

The legendary Chinese mystical beast Pixiu is the center point and title name of this Arrow’s Edge video slot game. Pixiu is a flying lion, that dined on gold, silver, and jewels and to have mystical powers brought wealth to the ones around it. Pixiu slots has a simple and traditional style and a solid and entertaining gameplay. With images and sounds that capture the Asian flair of mystic oriental legends and beautiful designed graphics that capture the spirit and adventure of mystic creature flying high in the open skies with treasures and wealth for all whole chose to take the ride. The animations are also unique because several of the symbols animations that are as follows: The Firebird that Flames shoot through the bird’s wings.The Eagle that Flies through the air with wind rustling its feathers. The Green Dragon that Its mane blows in the wind and lastly Pixiu that opens its mouth and moves its head.

This 3-reel, 5-line video slot gives gamblers plenty of options for how much they want to bet, including choosing both the number of paylines they wish to use and how many coins they wager on each line. Pixiu slots feature Asain styled traditional card symbol Q, K, A higher paying symbols like the Jade ring the fiery phoenix, a hawk, and a blue dragon and the legend itself, Pixiu. Pixiu can earn you rewards even if you only hit one or two. But landing three of these in a row will earn you a generous 2,000 times your line bet.

Flying High and Leveling Up: Pixiu Slot

One of the cool features of this game is the leveling system is featured the longer you play. The longer you play the rewards you receive will increase with the different bonuses offered. Starting at level one with ever 25 spins moves you to a new level up to a maximum of the fourth level after 75 spins. When you hit three coins which is the scatter symbol, anywhere on the reels you will be allowed to choose your game feature, picking to play a free spins game, a bonus round, or just taking a specified prize. The instant payouts are simplest, of course, though they too will rise as you move up to higher levels.

The free spins feature will allow you to play a number of free games at the same wager as the spin that triggered your bonus. The number of spins will vary depending on what level you were on when you hit the bonus: while you’ll only get 10 spins on the first level, this goes up by an additional five for every level higher you have reached. The pick your prize style game will let you choose between eight coins on screen. If your coin reveals a prize, you’ll add that to your balance and get to pick again. When all the coins turn to stone the bonus game is over.

Plenty of Jackpots: Pixiu Slot

Pixiu slot features three progressive jackpots that players can win at random at the end of any spin. The Jackpots are the Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots Jackpots. The Mystery Jackpot pays automatically at $10,000. The Super Slots Jackpot is the biggest, normally paying between $45,000 and $70,000. And the Cash Grab prize pays the most frequently.

Arrow’s Edge Has Winner: Pixiu Slot

Arrow’s Edge creates a beautiful, fun and entertaining Asian themed game that you will soon love. This 3-reel video slot game might seem simple but it truly has a lot going on for it. With the unique leveling system keeps you motivated and earning great awards as you get farther into the game. Pixiu is also available via mobile play for the gamer while uses mobile technology such as a smartphone or tablet.