Robin in the Woods Slots

If the name of this slot looks somewhat familiar to you, then you are on the right track. Robin in the Woods Slot is taken from the legend of Robin Hood, that eponymous arrow slinger who gallivanted around the woods with his merry band of expert marksmen, shooting down the horse-drawn carriages of the rich to steal their loot and give it to the starving poor. Although this is usually seen as a good thing, today we know better - it’s really just Communism. Robin Hood was a communist! Not to worry, though - in this 5 reel, 40 payline slot, no one is out to take your money and redistribute it according to their whim; whatever you win here is yours fair and square.

The creator of this is Arrow’s Edge, which is an online casino games maker that’s quickly building itself a reputation with solid slots like Robin in the Woods. To avoid copyright issues, the name is as follows - but the scene still takes place in the Sherwood Forest of lore. It’s one of the first slots to tackle this theme, and even though the Sheriff of Nottingham and the pretty maiden girl Marian are well represented; they are not called these names for obvious reasons. They serve as high paying slots on the reels, with the values given in the game’s pay table section. As a side note, there’s another Robin in the Woods slot that was created by software maker Spieldev; but that one does specifically concern us here.

The many features include a Locked Vault game, a Bullseye game and a Love & Arrows game that delivers free spins. Additionally, there’s also a double dose of progressive jackpots that are called the Cash Grab pot and the Mystery pot. The Cash Grab option is the easier one to get statistically, and it endows you with $2,000 to $5,000 big ones. The Mystery pot is the big one and comes in at a more than respectable $10,000; this amount is your money and is delivered right away when you win.

As for the high paying symbol to keep a look out for, that would be Robin Hood, himself. He delivers a big 750 coins if he appears as a quintuplet on the reels, while wearing his fetching green cloak to hide amongst the brambles, shooting unwavering arrows from his leather quiver. He’s not the only valuable symbol; download the casino software and fire up the real cash version of Robin in the Woods slot to find out more.