Enjoy a Visit to Japan in the Yakuza Slots Game from Arrow’s Edge

Arrow’s Edge has created some neat slots in the past, and they’re back with Yakuza Slots now. This focuses on gangs in Japan, so it has quite a dramatic theme. You’ll see the boss of the game, as well as getting a chance to try and pick out the mole who has betrayed him. It’s all very serious-sounding… but the game itself is a real winner, as you’ll see.

How many lines and reels are played?

Yakuza Slots has five reels in play and a total of 25 lines.

Watch for the sword!

You’d think the sword would be a nasty thing to find… but not when you’re in the player’s seat. Arrow’s Edge has included this as the wild symbol in the game, so it can help you create wins that may not otherwise have happened.

If you do have a sword on the reels, it will award you with a re-spin at no charge. It pays if the sword appears as far over to the right as possible. This is because when the re-spin starts, the sword moves along one reel to the left. This will happen with each re-spin, since you keep on getting them until the sword disappears from the reels. As you can see, you could get a few free spins here, and you might also trigger some prizes.

How much could you win playing Yakuza Slots?

Well, the top coin prize is 1,000 coins, so it depends on the coin value you play with each time. There is some variety to choose from here, so it should suit everyone who wants to play.

There are a couple of progressive jackpots included as well – yes, not just one but two! The Mystery Jackpot has a trigger value of $10,000, so once it hits this amount someone will win it. Could it be you?

The other jackpot is called the Super Slots progressive jackpot. This goes to a higher level of about $45,000, although the exact amount is not known.

Could you enter into a bonus feature?

You could, and you will need to amass three gangsters on the reels in order to trigger the feature. You get to choose from the people presented on the wall, and if you manage to pick the traitorous leader, you’ll win 50x your triggering bet! There are other potential prizes to be won too, so make sure you try this slot today.